Factory Design District Recap

Knowing Kobe from JP Finsbury for a few years now (fun fact: we initially started Timbermill in a shared space with them) when she presented the idea behind the 'Factory Design District' event we were sold.. As we enter an age where designer knock offs and products made away from Australia grows by the day,  it is so important to highlight the work of the local makers all around us and Kobe did an excellent job bringing a selection together.

Encompassing furniture, objects, textiles, jewellery, food, wine and beer. The event will increase awareness and highlight the processes behind the handmade nature of these products. Visitors to the event will experience curated spaces, demonstrations, workshops and talks. - FACTORY DESIGN DISTRICT MISSION.

Held at the amazing COMMUNE space (formally Porters paint workshop) in Waterloo, it's industrial vibe with wooden floors and white brick walls provided the ultimate backdrop for all of us stallholders at FDD.

Showing off our new favourite 'Waterfall' table (design your own version here), and the 'Jeffries' chair .. we talked timber furniture to anyone who would listen over the weekend..

'Jeffries' Chair at Factory Design District

Rental 'Dining' trestles at Factory Design District