Kin Cafe

We are pretty excited to reveal the images from this job. It definitely goes down as one of the favourite jobs we have completed since starting Timbermill. Not only for the incredible end result but the whole process was enjoyable with great design, project management, and the loveliest of clients.

Beginning planning back in October 2014, Uel and Shanelle (U + S) came to us loaded up with pinterest inspiration for their new cafe.  Fast forward a few months and work commenced on the job in January 2015. Prior to the construction we worked with Interior Designer Linda Lam and Project Manager Marc Yeo to design and specify the furniture & joinery units to match the overall aesthetic of the space.

Thick railway sleeper tables were designed so all four could join to make up one larger 6000mm x 1000mm table for use in large scale events. These tables were contrasted against the lighter spotted gum cladding timber which featured in the joinery unit, banquette seating and even on the ceiling.

Kin Cafe

We deal with a lot of cafe owners in our line of work, and I have thought a lot about why this job stands out so much in my mind as a favourite. I think the main point comes down to the sheer detail in which U + S (and their respective team) went to in order to make the space functional. Every detail had been thought of; from the Asian style coffee cups to match the menu right through to the effective way it has been planned so customers flow in and out of the space. It is so important when designing a space to think past the initial design and really break-down these finer details so as to find your point of difference as a business. We will touch on this more in some future posts but it is something to think about..

So have a peek through the amazing images (by our ever so talented pal Luisa Brimble) and make sure you pop into Kin next time you're in Ryde. We voted the waffles a firm favourite.

Banquette seating at Kin Cafe (Spotted gum)









All images by Luisa Brimble | Furniture Design and Production: Timbermill | Project Management: Marc Yeo of ByDesign | Interior: Linda Lam